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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon or PGSM is a Toei produced 49 episode Live Action TV series. It aired every weekend on the Japanese CBS/TBS network from October 2003 to September 2004. There was also two extra parts, released on DVD/VHS after the series ended. However PGSM has never been aired outside Japan at this time.

This Live Action Drama more closely resembles the original manga by Naoko Takeuchi rather than the Toei produced anime. Computer generated effects are used for the transformations and attacks of the Sailor Senshi and many of Luna's & Artemis' scenes. During the production of PGSM Naoko was involved in the casting, the design of new characters and also the present of jackets for the actresses during the winter months.

Live Action: Inner Sailor Senshi
  Summary of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Tsukino Usagi was an ordinary teenage girl until she encountered a talking stuffed toy cat named Luna and discovered that she was really a Sailor Senshi named Sailor Moon. Joined by Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus she is destined to protect the Princess and the world from the evil forces of the Dark Kingdom. The Dark Kingdom,which were intent on stealing the energy of everyday people. On occasion, while fighting against evil, Sailor Moon is helped by the mysterious Tuxedo Kamen who is searching for the answer to the question of his existence.
Eventually Usagi discovers that she is really the Princess that they were all searching for from the beginning, the reborn heir to the ancient Moon Kingdom and wielder of the Silver Crystal.

The Senshi must deal with their civilian lives and relationships, fight the minions of Queen Beryl, and come to terms with their past lives and how they impact the present day. Their experiences will leave them forever changed, and alter the destiny of the Earth forever.

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